of police reports

if once, in the cases on non-immediate police works ,a physical police report need to lodged before any action can be expected ,today , expectations have shifted.

In today's popular opinion ,accusations leveled via influential blogs is also valued on par as is a police report.

Of course, while the police are not obliged to act upon reports launched outside of its internal channels ,this restrain is merely procedural and should be adequately modified to fit modern times.

Admittedly ,there is no punishing urgency to the task.
The shift in expectation has occurred mainly in what people think , and has not necessarily translated into what they will eventually choose to believe.But it would be prudent to note that the situation is ripe enough to to warrant a serious study on the adequacy of the current factors in which the police measure its ability to maintain peace and stability in the land.

Today , the percentage of police report that is closed in no longer reliable as the sole barometer of the public's confidence in the state if law an order in the country.
Open accusations leveled thorough authoritative blogs also counts .

The origin of the collective

Personally , i don't get it when the idea in the air suggests that this country does not have a common cultural identity but instead is a fractured municipality delineated by racial and religious sentiments.

Personally, i find the notion repulsive not so much because it is untrue but more so because of its alien composition .I can understand why a foreigner might propose it (an alien idea by an alien person has some sort of poetic logic to it ) but why a local born would find the notion appealing beats the heck out of me.

I had always gathered it as self evident that the proof of a collective is its existence.
if a bunch of people chooses to gather at a particular locality and give themselves a particular name despite being given a sufficient opportunity and freedom to be elsewhere, this is all the evidence that i need to accept that such a group exists .

Some may doubt this easy conclusion,but that is only ok if one is standing far far away from it.
What would be more than a tad embarrassing though is if the person who doubts also happens to be standing smack down in the middle of it.

History might one day find itself laughing uncontrollably at our attempts to look for an "identity" considering that for all intent and purpose , we ARE the bloody identity.

I am afraid a elaborate justification would be so unnecessary considering that it really isn't that complicated a concept.


Of deservingness

I don't think it’s wrong to think of people as being stupid anymore.
They probably aren't but that is beside the point.
Choice requires perspective that equality only dispossesses ,
therefore that some people have to be stupid so others can have opinions is not unnatural.
What is though is the expectation that stupid people should learn to settle for less.
First of all, they may not really be stupider after all and second of all, it is unfair to expect anyone to settle for less be it for whatever reason.
Abilities and aptitude, whether real or impressed, should not be the factor in the measurement of deservingness.
That would be immoral-it has to be.


Ijok Ijok Ijok

At the final count at the Ijok By-election last Saturday, BN took 58.6% of the popular votes while PKR managed 40.1% . This corresponds to roughly the same percentage garnered during the 2004 general election.

By these numbers , what seems to be suggested here is that nothing changed during the period between 2004 to 2007.

It is as if no mongolian lady died.

Or nobody got himself a yacht , a jet and a mansion and thought there was nothing wrong with it ( its as if that it escaped his attention that he did nothing ,absolutely nothing to deserve such wealth or realise that his ass is going to be fried in the fires of hell for enjoying such profit without paying for it with its adequeate labour)

It is as if corruption is still a shameful crime one only commits under the cover of darkness and not something done blatantly in full view of everybody with the perpertrators acting as if their god forsaken acts is something that their mothers can be proud of.

It is as if ....aaah ...i give up.
I give up because I do not think that it is more evidence that is needed because i do not think it evidence that the country is lacking.
It maybe courage,maybe love,maybe faith but i am sure as heck it is not evidence.

I give up because when the numbers stay the same even after so many things have changed, i can only think that it because the concience of this good country is dead.

What else can remain so resolutely inert in the face of so much change other than a thing which is already dead ?

They can pretend with all the "I don't know" they want but it convinces no one..

I will not hold it against others any longer who choose to abandon this land for new start somewhere else.I understand one can only weep for the dead for only so long before getting up and parting ways.

A cemetery is no place fit for the living.


of lions and mouse

You would not be able to imagine my surprise when i watched the news yesterday.
It had Najib (the deputy prime minister) giving a speech in Ijok.
"We malays are like the lion " he likened and "you indians are like the mouse" .

As he spoke , the camera panned to his audience and one could see that they were mostly Indians.

"Yes the lion can devour the mouse but the lion being a lion will not have its apetite satisfied by the flesh of a mere mouse"he said .

" But if the lion were to make the mouse its friend , why one day it may find such a friendship profitable for given a chance , the mouse may just be able to show its usefulness to the lion. "

Its hard to say what crossed the audience's mind when they heard Mr.Najib's parable.
Some ,(one must admit) may have found relief in what he had to say.
Many though, would have not appreciated the association with mice.
A few perhaps, may have revolted internally having to acknowledge this man's comparison's silently .
But most ,hopefully would have found his words disturbing enough to give some really serious thoughts about t what the stewarts of this country has in mind for a significant the multitude of us here .

Why in the way Mr.Najib put it , it was as if the Indians should find joy in the pursuit of this most unnatural task of "being beneficial' chiefly to interest outside their own .

He spoke of it as if it was a self evident that such terms are so fair that even he could have accepted it had the circumstances been different.

Didn't he know that only slaves can be persuaded to find such terms adequate ?

I'm not sure if anybody can claim that they are a free people living in an independent country if the reason for their existence as been reduced to that of being 'useful' and 'profitable' to others .

Why if this is so , what is the purpose of throwing out the colonisers fifty years ago ?


The Chronicles of the King of Rest

I am not interested to discuss how things have changed since DrM once ruled this land. I belong in the camp that firmly believes that nothing in this blessed nation changes without her consent.

Once if we had to content with the English ,it was only because we were lazy and needed others to think of progress on our behalf .
When we found that this cost us our identity ,we got ourselves organised and took our independence back .
When ambition came , we allowed Dr.Mahathir to reign.
And now,since we are soft, fat and sensitive to boot ,i suppose i can't be surprised why is it that Pak Lah rules .

Yup ,you heard me ...we deserve this man.
He represents our wish to quit the ascent and welcome that sweet sweet rest in decline.
Its not that we do not have anyone able ,its just that we have no use of persons of such composition..
What would we do with such a person anyway?
What could strength give when we ask ?
Surely it will only be harsh.
Prod us to move and not relax.
Not understanding our need to rest.
Ignore our wishes that its someone elses turn to continue what we had left .
Silent to our plea that for all that we have done , we deserve to sit back and enjoy what we have .
No no .The strong will surely not do .
The strong will be confused by what the weak can easily comprehend .
That there is a reason to why choose to halt even before the task is complete.
That there is a morality to this modesty and principal behind its retreat.

No no ... our able men will be found wanting.
He would only offend others by offering challanges from our land .
We seek no competition .
Those are the gifts of the strong to one another.
We who are weak seek only compassion and generousity from others.
And this is best reaped by showing the wound in our flesh and fruits in our hands ---then others would more readily understand --Afterall ,are they not reasonable men--Surely they will allow us our fee for the work already finished.
Yes yes. To them we must send our King of Rest ..
When he walks unarmed with a smile as wide the sun ,they can easily see that we come not to do harm.
He will melt their hearts and they will be generous with their alms.
Why he might not even be called to sit down to discuss terms with them.
His mere sight is all it takes for them to choke us with all the sympathy, acceptance, understanding that we so desperately need.
For all you know ,they might have many other things that us weak can learn to put to use .
Such is the the miracle that is our King of Rest.
Had we known how to to be proud, that is what we would have been of of him.


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1.Two words.Exit plan.